Friday 7/31/2020

Two sessions will be conducted at the masjid 109-06 Van Wyck Expressway, South Ozone Park 11420

Session #1 : Eid Salat and Khutbah by Mufti at 7am- Brothers Only.

Session #2 : Eid Salat and Khutbah by Mufti at 8am- for Brothers and Sisters.

There are no pre-registrations, however you are required to register as you come in. You will be accomodated first come, first serve while space lasts.

You are required to have: 1) Face/Dust Mask 2) Prayer Rug (not scarf or no children rug) 3) Shopping bag for shoes

Social distancing is required. Please avoid handshakes and embracing. Brothers and Sisters with underlining issues should take precautions. The sick and very elderly should pray at home.


Masjid on the VanWyck of New York Inc.

Jumuah Guidelines for entry into masjid:

  1. Prayer rug, face mask, and bag for shoes (keep shoes with you while praying)
  2. Try to make wudu and use toilet facilities from home
  3. Avoid handshake and embrace until we know it is safe to do so
  4. No sunnat after the Jumuah salat (this can be prayed at home)
  5. Sisters/children prays at home until further notice
  6. Entrance to the masjid is first come first served until space is taken up
  7. Khutbah starts at approximately 1:15pm, there will only be one khutbah
  8. The khutbah is being livestreamed on youtube via hadithdisciple channel and via youtube link on
  9. Masjid is closed for regular salat until further notice
  10. These guidelines may be subject to change without notice

Thanks for your patience and understanding

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